Shaping Lives facilitates international volunteers into both on-site and off-site living volunteer programs through its network of NGOs spread across India. Off-site living is organized by the operation team which the Foundation is affiliated to. The on-site details and facilitation is done by Shaping Lives with the NGOs and costs channelized to the NGOs via the operations team.

Off-site Living Volunteers : Volunteers who choose to live away from the NGOs are facilitated by the Indian tour operator link or do so individually and directly themselves. The cost depends on nature of accommodation chosen. They have multiple choice of NGOs in each tourist destination.

On-Site Living Volunteers : For volunteers wishing to stay on-site, Deepalaya’s Gusbethi Sohna facility, I-India’s Jhag Village, Jaipur complex, Help in Suffering (Animal’s NGO) Jaipur, Bear Rescue Centre, Agra, Sneha Bhavan, Cochin or Vinoba Niketan, TRV, are ideal.

  1. Staying on-site at NGOs will cost them in the range of $ 10-20 per pax per day with standard meals (generally veg only). This can increase or decrease by 10-20% depending on chosen NGO. Some NGOs may reduce or even waive this amount in special cases or for volunteers with special skill sets.
  2. Volunteers can also stay at in ‘basic amenities, paying guest accommodation’ at Jaipur esp @ $ 350-400 per month per pax or so on twin sharing which includes breakfast and dinner only.
  3. A home stay can be organised with an erstwhile royal family at Jaipur for upto 6 volunteers on triple room sharing (ideally 4) @ $ 30-35 per day per couple to include breakfast and dinner. For single pax stay it would be $ 25 per day. Extra bed would be additional $ 10 per day.
  4. At Delhi, upto 4 girls can stay @ $ 30-35 in a secure home stay on twin sharing if they volunteer with Ek Tara Foundation.
  5. In case they are staying off-site under own arrangements, then a $ 5-10 daily expense on commuting and lunch may also be factored.

Anand Bagh Homestay :
A new volunteer opportunity that we have recently explored and which looks good is at Village Kunjuan, Panna, MP. The home stay will be at ANANDBAGH, with a local Thakur family, Major Chandra Kant Singh, Vir Chakra. Some of you may remember him as the erstwhile owner of Ken River Lodge, Madla. He is also related to the Pashan Lodge owners. This volunteer opportunity allows volunteers to spend time in local village schools teaching spoken English and computers, including one tribal, visit and be familiarized with the Panna National Park and interact with local naturalists. While it can be explored as an independent opportunity by ops team, on the CSR side volunteers can do a home-stay at Anandbagh for around $ 10 per pax or $15-18 per couple per day inclusive of all meals (veg).

Misc :
The USD rate is being assumed as minimum INR 60. In all cases advance notice of upto 6-8 weeks is essential so that the NGOs keep rooms available. There are too many variants and I would be able to give you more details once you identify the city, NGO focus preference, the number of Pax and the time of arrival and number of volunteer days.

Shaping Lives can also set up volunteers in good Christian Missionary or other Centres in Mumbai or Goa or Southern tourist destinations. They would generally have to stay outside under operation team arrangements at cost negotiated by you.


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