If your soul has stirred and your heart wants you to be a part of the Foundation's work with these NGOs, we could suggest ways to support the NGO of your choice through the Le Passage Travel Foundation. Just identify which area and the quantum of remuneration you wish to make the difference and we will help / suggest the appropriate gift.

We would love for you to see what we are doing.  Ask your travel agent or tour operator to include one of our efforts during your visit to India". 

Volunteers with communications, IT, sports, art and drama and other special skills like para-medical or vet skills etc are always welcome in all NGOs. While short term is acceptable, the long term volunteers are preferred in special schools, animal NGOs, etc as their indoctrination period takes 7-10 days. Most NGOs can facilitate low cost accommodation and food via home stays etc. Shaping Lives can always facilitate the same through these NGOs. Schools in India have exams in Mar and Dec, hence visits to child centric NGOs are difficult during this time. Sundays and gazette holidays are closed days. Other availability factors depend on local conditions and festivals and these have to be pre-coordinated by Shaping Lives for you.

Short Visits.

These visits range from 1-4 hrs and are set-up to allow clients to meet their target NGO inmates. It involves :-

  • Arrival, reception, briefing on the NGOs focus by the Founders/Management.
  • Round of the facilities, interaction with the inmates.
  • Followed by fun and bonhomie between the two.
  • You could well have joint Group and children outdoor picnics.
  • You could also invite a certain number to some of your events like elephant polo matches or some such group event, where they can enjoy it with a high tea or a meal thrown in. We generally prefer only veg food at such events.

Full day Options

In case you have specialists like Doctors etc we could organize health check-ups or value guidance to staff esp at NGOs for special children…. Eg nutrition guidelines, therapy, exercise regimes etc. A day with the children and community interface / rural familiarization can be organized inclusive of local lunch if desired. It would run something like :-

  • Arrival. Traditional reception
  • Presentation on NGO work and round of facilities by Founders / management team.
  • Interactive sessions with inmates
  • Extra – curricular / educational engagements
  • Lunch with the children
  • Games / vocational unit familiarization
  • Some community work if planned (eg tree plantation / cleaning drive / advocacy participation etc.
  • High Tea & Exchange of gifts and farewell


It is expected that clients visiting NGOs will bring something for the children and also contribute financially to the NGO. The amount is flexible and based on group size and category. Volunteers are not duty bound to donate. We can even send a wishlist in certain cases if desired. In normal gifting, once you give us the budget, we ask the NGO to select its requirement within the same, so that gifting has value to the receiver as well.

While NGO wish lists exist, these change from time to time, and hence, it is best to establish contact with GM-CSR, Shaping Lives at and seek his advise on what would be best required by the NGO of your choice at the moment of giving.


Like all institutions anywhere in the world, our NGOs also have timings and holidays. However we have certain options where these are 24 x 7 and these can be utilized as required. Refer to the Opportunities write-up sent covering each NGO for this.


Photography is permitted at most places except certain NGOs where we would give prior advisory. The entire setting up is done by Shaping Lives in the North and our offices in the South.


Both short and long term volunteer options exist for inclined clients. Short term implies anything from 2-3 days to a month, whereas long term can be even up to a year. Day visits are more of interactive sessions than volunteer work and Shaping Lives can in-build any of the options below into a truncated time-frame. The possibilities for volunteers are as under :-

  • Teach children ( normal, special including mentally/visually challenged / hearing/speech impaired)
  • Imparting language skills, contributing IT and other skill sets they may be proficient in.
  • Senior citizen care
  • Lepers care
  • Extra curricular activities and learning
  • Computer education
  • Games coaching
  • Maintenance of facilities eg painting of buildings, classrooms, maintenance of play grounds, compounds.
  • Assist in vocational training areas with ideas, designs, cost saving and marketing measures, etc.
  • Volunteer on environmental issues with select NGOs only.
  • Be a part of an NGOs special program being run during the time of your affiliation to it.
  • Work with women empowerment in a range of projects at Delhi and Jaipur.
  • Work with juvenile and anti-trafficking network organizations on special request.
  • Assisting in advocacy and awareness campaigns and much more
  • If you are a specialist :
        • Nutritionist / Dietician : If you are a specialist in diets for special children esp autistic children, you would be welcome to share and educate the staff and parents.
        • Artist / Performer / Magician : The children would love to have you with them
        • Sportsperson : Coaching and development
        • Medical including VET : Always an asset. Vets are also welcome in our animal centric NGOs. An affiliation to Blue Cross may even get you free stay at the premises of NGO Help in Suffering, in Jaipur.
        • Environmentalist etc : Certain NGOs would draw from your experience just as you would gain from theirs.

If you are an animal lover, the opportunities offered at Agra or Jaipur will give you the necessary fillip. A minimum of 15 days stay is of course preferred for volunteers to make any worthwhile contribution to any NGO.


Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group And 'Project Arman', Delhi

The Foundation supports Project Arman at an annual approximate cost of INR 550000. However, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group would appreciate the following sponsorships / donations which could make an additional difference :-

  • Sponsor a social work to train waste-pickers (parents of Arman children) @ Rs. 7500 p.m. or Rs 90000/- per annum.
  • Sponsor a teacher @ Rs. 2500 per month ( Seven teachers requiredthis year)
  • Sponsor an annual Summer camp @ Rs 25000/- for the waste picker children.
  • Sponsor a Project Assistant Manager @ Rs 11000/- per month
  • Share the annual cost of INR 550000 being incurred to run Project Arman
  • Facilitate a computer laboratory by donating upto three new or second hand Pentium -IV computers with all peripherals including UPSs.
  • Donate 02 new or second hand for moving coordinators and staff.
  • Contribute stationary, notebooks, pencils, drawing material and books.


NGO Deepalaya, Delhi

  • Sponsor a child's annual non formal education expenses @ INR 4000 or in formal education schools at INR 9000 for non-recognised and INR 15000 for recognized schools
  • Sponsor a special child's or a child residing in the institutional care centre annual education and care @ INR 10000 per month
  • Sponsor local picnics @ INR 6500 and outstation @ INR 40000 per trip
  • Assist in the re-location rentals of approx INR 65000 per month of the Gandhi Basti Special Eductaion Unit, to more hygienic environment
  • Donations in terms of stationery, clothes, uniform costs and much more are always welcome especially at the Gusbethi Hostel for boys and girls.

NGO Manzil, Delhi

  • You could facilitate renovation, expansion and / or rent reimbursement of NGO Manzil by contributing INR 232000 or part thereof.
  • Rent reimbursement @ INR 10000 per month for a theatre space
  • Donate stationery and education items
  • Volunteer your time especially if you are good in English and computers, or are good at grooming young people for jobs.
  • Buy products made by Manzil students
  • Sponsor cost of a Chief Inspirer-cum-Counselor-cum-teacher @ INR 30000 per month
  • Provide opportunities for Manzil students to showcase their talents in music, theater, dance, etc.

Cankids...Kidscan, Delhi/Mumbai

  • Be a Volunteer or Intern or a CanKids Companion or even a CanKids Ambassador and help with Specific Core and Management Programs or Projects
  • Become a Member of the Management, lend your professional expertise
  • Contribute Financially - Adopt a Child with Cancer or sponsor a child's education or be a CanKids Godparent or guardian angel.
  • Make a general donation and trust the NGO to decide where it is most needed
  • Donate provisions, clothes and household goods for families, gifts, toys and school supplies for the children, curtains, hot cases & equipment for wards, computers & office equipment for their units.
  • Raise funds for children with cancer and their families in India. Mentor a child's cancer treatment or education, or organize a fund-raiser in India or abroad.
  • Provide networking support by helping them to contact or recommending them to Foundations, Corporates, Institutions or individuals

Wildlife SOS, Delhi / Agra

  • Donate a Bolero Camper Ambulance cum Rescue vehicle costing approximately INR 650000
  • Donate amounts ranging from INR 10000 to 400000 for various types of hospital equipment and machines used almost on daily basis on animals by the SOS teams
  • Be a full or part donor to the Eco Tourism Tribal Village being constructed at Agra at an approximate cost of INR 1000000
  • Sponsor the education and special skill courses of tribal and Kalander (rehabilitated bear dancers) children for between INR 3000 to 7000 per annum
  • Contribute towards project set-up costs of approx INR 800000 of the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre set up at Agra in addition to the Bear Rescue Project.

NGO Umang , Jaipur

  • Technically qualified volunteers can be a mutually beneficial experience. Volunteer from one week to a year if you are a Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Speech therapist or educator, Vocational counselor for persons with special needs, care-giver of persons with disability, S.E.N. teachers /Coordinators
  • Any expert from medical background like neurologist, paediatritican, orthopedic surgeon who are interested in disability are welcome as well.
  • Sponsor the two annual field trips for the students. One is an overnight trip to a close by destination for very severely challenged students. The second is to any interesting destination for a week or so.
  • Sponsor a child from a economically disadvantaged background @ Rs. 15000/- p.a.
  • Contribute / donate part of the construction costs or a portion of the building when Umang starts construction of their new barrier free school building on land already allotted by the Rajasthan government.
  • Purchase gift items made by specially abled trainees in Umang's work training unit. You could also help them find a market for these products.
  • Donate 2 sewing machines with foot pedals to the work training unit @ Rs 7000/- each.

Akshar Society, Jaipur

  • Sponsor local and permanent teachers @ INR 10000/- per month. The school needs five such dedicated teachers @ one in each Unit but has a resource crunch. Their presence can turn this initiative into a better managed and more productive unit.
  • Gift part or fully 5 computers @ approximately INR 30000 each. These will be placed one for each Centre to achieve unification and standardisation in teaching and unifying of the Akshar units spread over 4 schools and one slum area.
  • Gift stationery and notebooks, dust free chalk, seating rugs, and other misc school running items at your discretion.
  • Sponsor in toto or partially contribute towards the annual school event at Rs 75000/- one time.
  • Seeks volunteers for skills and extra curricular development and computer learning work with children.

DISHA - A Resource Centre for the Disabled Wishlist , Jaipur

  • Donate physiotherapy equipment costing between INR 5000 to 50000 for the special children
  • Donate occupational occupational or sensory therapy equipment costing between INR 10000 to 60000.
  • Donate speech therapy equipment or renovation of audio-tharapy room @ INR 150000
  • Donate an LCD projector @ INR 45000 for the children's theatre cum education centre
  • Donate two computers @ INR 30000 each
  • Sponsor annual education of a special child @ INR 20000
  • Sponsor hiring costs of teachers / counselors ' clinical psychologists at per month cost varying between INR 8000 to 20000

I-India (Project Ladli), Jaipur

  • Sponsor uniforms, school shoes, education, healthcare, sanitation kits starting for as little as INR 1200 to 6000 per annum
  • Sponsor one month's safe drinking water at street points to feed children and families @ INR 6000
  • Sponsor a water tank for bath and shower of 100 children at street point inclusive of soap and shampoo @ INR 11000
  • Sponsor the salary of one nurse at street point @ INR 6000 per month.
  • Sponsor salary of one cook and assistant making food for 700 street children each day @ INR 10000
  • Sponsor shelter and wards for street children as per your wish

Bhagwan Mahavira Viklang Sahayita Samiti (Jaipur Foot), Jaipur

  • Making a general cash donation to support BMVSS activities & research (They are in research partnership with MIIT, NASA and many other top-end research establishments in India and abroad.
  • Gift a hand peddled tricycle to a bilateral amputee or a polio patient @ INR 5500 approx
  • Gift a wheelchair to a bilateral amputee/polio patient @ INR 3000 approx
  • Gift a pair of crutches @ INR 750 approx
  • Gift a Prosthetic Jaipur Knee @ INR 1000
  • Sponsor one artificial Jaipur limb @ INR 2500

Animal NGO, Help In Suffering, Jaipur

  • Sponsor a new Mobile Clinic Ambulance for INR 625000
  • Sponsor fuel and maintenance costs of such vehicle @ INR 14000 per month
  • Sponsor the salaries of a Vet and Para-vet @ INR 20000 and 8000 per month respectively
  • Sponsor the cost of medicine @ INR 20000 per month
  • Sponsor laboratory equipments ranging from INR to 36000 to 300000
  • Sponsor the salaries of one lab technician @ INR 12000 per month

Goa Opportunities And Wishlists

  • Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan(Boys Only)

  • Be a Volunteer for coaching, creativity, music, revreation and other all round growth activity.
  • Sponsor a child's edn, board and lodging and healthcare @ Rs 1500/- for a month
  • Sponsor a one time meal for all children @ Rs 1500/-
  • Celebrate your child's birthday or a family function with the MBBS boys
  • Donate textbooks, stationery, football and football kits, carom board or ping pong balls for children.
  • Donate black canvas BATA shoes only
  • Donate one portable music system.
  • Do not donate old clothes, computers or roller skates.
  • Sister Valentina's Little Heaven (Girls Only)

  • Donate for the repayment of INR 250000 loan taken to repair the Orphanage drainage.
  • Donate one time for repair of the mud roof of the orphanage at an estimated to cost Rs 50000/-.
  • Donate one time for painting of the home @ Rs 30000/-.
  • Do not donate food items, computers, old clothes.
  • Sponsor a child's well-being for Rs 1000/- per month
  • Be a Volunteer in a serious supervisory role.
  • Facilitate monthly visit and children medical check by a local doctor @ Rs 1000/- per month.
  • Holy Family Convent Girls Shelter (Girls Only)

  • Donate food items or hold functions with the children
  • Donate black girls' shoes ( BATA or Liberty preferred)
  • Donate stationery, text books, school bags etc
  • Do not donate old clothes or computers.
  • Sponsor the boarding, lodging, edn and misc for a child @ Rs 1500/- per month
  • Sponsor a meal for all inmates @ 2000/- per meal
  • Be a Volunteer for coaching, creativity, music, revreation and other all round growth activity.
  • Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa )

    (approx 75 challenged women inmates and currently about 8 orphaned/abandoned babies)
  • Donate clothes and miscellaneous items
  • Donate daily milk requirement
  • Always seek preference from the Sister Superior before making any donation to avoid duplicity or wastage.
  • Sponsor meals
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