Delhi / NCR CSR Opportunities


Project Arman Nizamuddin

“The nodal CSR initiative of Le Passage Travel Foundation is Project Arman for children of waste-pickers of Nizamudin, New Delhi. It grooms 160 children to dream of a life beyond waste-picking through education and mentoring. For a detailed overview, please peruse the elaborate and exclusive write-up titled ‘Project Arman’ on this page.

NGO Deepalaya

  • The NGO is over 35 years old and from its initial focus on children, now covers multiple disciplines including health care in rural areas and women empowerment through micro self-help projects. Its major focus however remains on the education of the less privileged children living in and around slum colonies. Its presence is in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. It also runs the Deepalaya Special Unit for differently abled children in Sanjay Colony, Delhi. The NGO has three more schools in Delhi, besides a major multi-facility in Gusbethi, Sohna, Haryana. This facility spread over 22 acres in rural Haryana has a school for over 500 children from remote rural areas, esp the girl child, a mini-hospital besides mobile medical vans in its outreach program, a vocational centre for rural women and separate hostels for over 100 displaced boys and girls.
  • We do extensive visits to include a community visit round at Sanjay Colony and Gusbethi with this NGO. The Vocational Centre, Women Empowerment programs and special FADA (Father and daughter) program run by this NGO can also be showcased. The NGOs antecedents are available on We can have full day visits at the Haryana centre and day visits at the others. We align more on the Sanjay Colony school as it is co-located within the community, and offers multiple exposure to our clients.
  • Visit Timings Sanjay Colony : Between 09.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. .
    Target group – Normal Children till 1.30 p.m. Special children till 4.30 p.m.
    Also mainstreamed girl students in afternoon session under their FADA program (Father & Daughter Alliance)
    Visit Timings, Gusbethi Gram : Between 09.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. .


  • This NGO functions from and around the Khan Market area. It educates the less privilege during evening classes in all subjects with emphasis on English language and computers and exra curricular activity to prepare them for future job opportunities through confidence and communication skill building. It is centrally located and well managed. Manzil can be the key to short notice visits in the afternoon. It functions from 3.00p.m. to 9.00 p.m. on all week days and encompasses a wide diaspora of activities. Its website is
    It also has the Craftkari off-shoot, a women empowerment initiative wherein 9 young girls are running a successful enterprise via the NGO.
  • Visit Timings : Between 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. . Target group – Children
The Earth Saviours’ Foundation (TESF)

Mr Ravi Kalra, a young man, who has chosen to dedicate his life to humanity, is the Founder of this NGO. The NGO provides a 24 x 7 shelter for approx. 250 abandoned senior citizens / destitute / HIV cases and abused women. It is also a pioneer in environmental promotion and its campaign against noise pollution by ‘honking’ is well known in Delhi. Its website is It is suitable for both day and evening visits.

Special Advisory : The inmates are mostly mentally and physically challenged and victims of severe abuse. Hence, this NGO is only suitable for serious CSR groups who are reconciled to facing emotionally and psychologically disturbing environments. The NGO is located at :-
Bandhwari Village,
(Approx 0.5 kms ahead of TERI Golf Course
And 1 km inside on the right while coming in from Mandi Road, New Delhi)
And on Gurgaon – Faridabad Road
Mobile No: +91- 98181 71695

Preferred Visit Timings: Between 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Life Care Regeneration Association

This association facilitates funds for critical operations on children from less privileged backgrounds. We support their requests once or twice a year on merit and after due verifications from the family of the child both before and after the operation. Based in Malviya Nagar, their phone number is 011-46354700.


National Association for the Blind, (Centre for Blind Women)

  • This NAB facility is located at Haus Khas, very close to our Head Office. It is run from a home donated by a Bengali family. Within its walls, one can experience visually impaired girls learning computers, massage techniques, vocational training and personal grooming and confidence building sessions. Its website is It also has a mini-hostel for about 25 girls, within the premises. It has undergone complete renovation in Oct 2013. Its massage parlour ‘OORJA’ is based on a Japanese technique of ‘touch’ and is a unique attraction. LPTI teams buy low cost bead bracelets and other products from NAB regularly.
  • Visit Timings : Between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. . Target group – Visually disabled girls

ETASHA Society (Our Link to Govt ITIs)

  • Established as a not-for-profit organization in January 2006, ETASHA (Enabling and Training Adolescents for Successful and Healthy Adulthood) provides market-oriented employability and vocational skills to disadvantaged Indian youth (aged 14-30 years). ETASHA’s core activities are career guidance, employability skills & vocational training and placement into the organised sector.
  • ETASHA, website, is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, 2010 and donations to ETASHA are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. ETASHA was validated by CAF in 2009, Credibility Alliance in 2011 and Guide Star in 2011. We have been a Tier 1 partner of Give India since 2010.
  • Between January 2006 and October 2013 over 6000 young people benefited from career guidance, employability skills training and vocational training, with ETASHA’s reach expanding every year. Since 2009-10, ETASHA has also been working with students of ITIs, including Women’s ITIs. This is in the context of studies highlighting that a high percentage of ITI students remain unemployed even after one year of graduation, and that many of those employed are not employed in the trade for which they trained. This is accepted to be because of a mismatch between skills attained and those actually in demand.

Ek Tara Foundation

  • This Foundation is run by Mrs Geeta Puri who has been recognized twice for her contributions to social upliftment of the marginalised segments. The Foundation has centres at Lodhi Estate (behind Sai mandir) and Andrews Ganj. They educate and impart vocational skills to local aspirants from the less privileged communities. Their website is
  • Visit Timings : Between 4.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. . Target group – Children


  • This NGO spreading its wings in 37 Centres across India, takes in children of marginalized families afflicted with cancer and facilitates their treatment through government hospitals. Their centres also provide minimal cost accommodation and rations for the days of treatment. This allows people from remote villages to come into the cities and undertake dignified and systematic treatment under aegis of Cankids. The Founder is Ms Poonam Bagai. The website is We have done extensive volunteer work in the form of painting their centres in Oct and Nov this year.
  • Visit Timings : Between 1.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. .
    Target group – Children with cancer. Children normally go for their medical treatments in the morning.

Global Cancer Concern India

The GCCI operates from its HQs in Gurgaon in the NCR region. It reaches out to cancer patients of all age groups from the marginalized sections of society through its centres spread across India. It also imparts basic health care in partnership with the Government Dispensaries in two locations. GCCI can be contacted at 0124-2564473-75. Its website is


Akshay Pratishthan

  • This NGO operates out of a multi-storey complex just behind the main Church in Pocket D, Vasant Kunj. Mrs Subramani, 09910015483 is the Honorary Director. This NGO has normal morning school for marginalised children upto Class 8 in the mornings. It has about 40% physically challenged students, including about 20 polio affected ones, who have been mainstreamed with the normal ones. Working more as a rehabilitation centre, it has a multi-vocational facility within to include carpentry, spice making, computer literacy, block printing, stitching, etc, which operates in the afternoon session. It also has an artificial limb centre in situ. Website is


SOS Children Village, India

The SOSCVs are spread across India with the oldest being in Greenfields, Faridabad and their Centre for special children being located in Bhopal. The CV works on a system of independent homes within one large community set-up. Each home has a mother, herself a displaced soul, who tends after 10-11 children. The homes run as independent enterprises doing financial planning and running a household as in normal course. The children all attend school and lead normal lives as if in a hostel. Privacy restrictions prevent photography and video filming of children without due permission. They only accept new clothes. Usable toys and books are of course welcome besides monetary aid. Their website is

The LGBT Outreach

Naz Foundation (India) Trust, New Delhi:

The Naz website is Located at A – 86, East of Kailash, New Delhi -110065, it is accessible by mini-coach. The Large Coach will have to stop on main road about 150m safe walk from NAZ. The NGO works out of a well maintained basement + 2-storey building. The basement and ground floor has the offices, counseling centres and medical room for LGBT community. The first and second floor has the girls and boys home for about 30 HIV orphans. The Foundation also has a field outreach into various areas in Delhi.

Post a briefing on the Home, and the LGBT status and current trends in India, including Govt parameters for approx. 30 mins :-

  • They can meet LGBT community. Free interaction and exchange of ideas is permitted.
  • The Centre can comfortably entertain a Group of upto 15 – 20 pax at any given time.
  • Photography is permitted with consent of the LGBT our client is interacting with. Overall not an issue.
  • Field visits are possible with advance notice.
  • The additional benefit of NAZ is that it has affiliates in Mumbai and Chennai. Mumbai also has The Humsafar Trust which is more city oriented and we have affiliated with it as well.

At Mumbai the LGBT contact point is The Humsafar Trust, on 3rd Floor, Manthan Plaza, Nehru Road, Vakola, Mumbai : 400055. The website is
Preferred Visit Timings at NAZ are between 1000 – 1630h. Children can be met after 1430h. The Center is closed on Sundays.


Jaipur CSR Opportunities


  • Exec Director Mrs Deepak Kalra. Website is and email is The Tel Nos are 0141-2395099. Shifted to a brand new barrier free building located on Shipra Path, Near Technology Park, Mansarover, Jaipur 302020 in Jun 2016, Umang is an institution dealing with special children afflicted with cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, mental disorders, and other such ailments.  It is a well-run organization with 200 children, and currently has 5 outlets for sale of its vocational products like paintings and cards etc made by its children. The school also cares for 70 more children under their home care programs wherein teachers go to homes of such special children who are unable to even attend a school. It relies on donations and sponsorships from well-wishers and also runs volun-tourist programs.
    Mrs Kalra is a leading authority, in Rajasthan and nationally, on special children and is a widely traveled and experienced lady. She has also served as the Chairperson for the Protection of Children’ Rights, Rajasthan for two years from 2012 - 2014.
    The guests visiting this facility will be able to see special children being imparted various learning and training, speech and physiotherapies. Umang’s vocational workshop co-located in this building, has some of the more capable special children make various products and thereby gain an income and confidence despite their limitations. The school sells products and paintings made by the special children. Our Foundation buys these products regularly from them for gifting to clients and FTOs of LPTI.

    Visit Timings : Between 09.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. . Target group – Special Children.
    Vocational centre remains open till 4.30 p.m.



  • A subsidiary of I-India, its Jaipur Director is Mr Prabhakar and Secy is Ms Abha P Goswami. Website is and email is Tel No is 09829011124. This organization works for the less privileged. It has separate centres and hostels for boys and girls. It also runs street-point education programmes for the slum children at 15 odd points, where it imparts informal education to slum children for 2-3 hrs each day and provides a midday meal (Annapurna) thereafter.
  • The girls undertake vocational training at the Govindpuri Centre (Ladli), and make various jewelry and bead products, cards and other small curios. Every girl is paid for the work she does and can earn even upto 2000/- per month. The minimum amount given to each girl, whether she has been work-productive or not is Rs 300/- per month. The orphans who are adopted by Ladli and stay in its Hostels have bank accts opened in their names where this money is put in. The others take it home to their parents. Besides the above emoluments the children are given meals and uniform.
  • I-India also represents Rajasthan as the State chapter of Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC-INDIA)
  • Ladli also runs a programme called ‘Annapurna’ Kitchen Programme . It is actually an extension of the meal provided to the Hostel girls and as per their claim it feeds 1000 to 3000 children each afternoon. The cost of this meal works to Rs 6000/- per day. The ‘benefactor’ has the option of only providing meals for a Centre or part sharing. I have seen both the Centre and Street Point education and subsequent meal distribution and it’s a practical initiative, in the sense that the slum children would never get literate if this meal ‘carrot’ was not there. The school sells products and cards by the children. The complex is also used for women self- help groups of the local area.
  • The organization also runs a street side bathing program which is innovative and can be a great attraction to clients. This program only caters for the migrant community children who do not stay in I-India centres. Volun-tourist option is available for participation and contributing time and resources and even for learning basic jewelry making skills by clients.
  • They have a composite Centre, set-up over one acre of land at Vill JHAG, which is approx. 35 kms from Jaipur towards Ajmere. Comprising a school for over 300 children, separate boys’ and girls’ hostels where approx. 110 children are staying, a mini hospital, a small auditorium and there latest vocational training and sale outlet for the local community, esp women, it caters to the educational and medical needs of the backward communities in this area. It has brought in a change also through women self-help groups. It is an ideal place for short and long term group activity and even team building exercises. We are using it to good satisfaction by Groups.


  • No website in place but run for approx 300 less privileged normal children in the afternoons at 2 locations in Jaipur. Akshar patron is Mrs Reeta Kuhad, who owns the Samanvai Contemporary Art gallery located on 3rd Floor, Ganpati Plaza, Jaipur. Website is Email ID is or Tel Nos are 0141-5114400. Akshar runs in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Vidyashram Play School campus at KLM Marg, opposite Dainik Bhaskar office and one shelter with 60 students at the Kathputli Nagar slum were it originally started. Most children here can understand and reply in English titbits due to the unique program by their Operations Head, Mrs Karnika Dutta, who felt that prowess in this language is a must for their future. It is a neat and disciplined and on the roll organization. They would be happy to have volun-tourists. Mrs Kuhad generally does not canvas for funding the NGO. She prefers to draw from her gallery sales and the Kuhad Foundation, run by her eminent and well known lawyer husband, and would prefer if tourists can also be brought to her gallery and thus contribute indirectly.
  • Visit Timings : Between 12.noon to 5.00 p.m. .
    Target group – Children from marginilaised families. Kathputli Nagar slum school open in mornings from 09.00 a.m. to 12 noon.


  • Digantar (full name Digantar Shiksha Evam Khelkud Samiti) is located in Todi Ramjanipura, Khonagoriyan Road, Jagatpura, Jaipur. It is approx. 15 mins drive from the Airport complex, into the yet undeveloped hinterland. Mrs Reena Das Roy the Director is available on, mobile number 09414054047. Mr Ghaffar, the administrator who has been with Diganter since inception is available on 09166909226. The school was re-located over a 2 acre piece of land recently, as their main campus functioning since 1978 was taken over by some University conglomerate. Notwithstanding, it is a well-organized campus, functioning on the gurukul system. It has over 600 children from the local backward communities and has been relying on external funding. It has the potential of taking in FITs to groups of more than 100+. It is the process of constructing new classrooms as per new RTE norms and needs both funding and volunteers, not just for the classrooms but also for making a football ground, basketball court and other sport fields as ‘KHELKUD’ or games is in its DNA.
  • Visit Timings : Between 09.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
  Seva Bharti Bal Vidyalaya (under aegis of Sarv Samaj Sewa Samiti)

This NGO is located in Mahesh Nagar, with one more centre at Baksawala, behind Choki Dhani on the Delhi - Jaipur highway. Run by an elderly lady, Mrs Bimla, it educates children from local marginalized communities and also has separate mini-hostels for a few girls and boys. It has 240 students and 26 boarders at the city centre and 160 students in the slum (basti) centre. The lady imparts free education including school books and uniforms and relies solely on donations. Contact number is 08769592989.



  • Website Email ID or Tel Nos 09828031708. This social initiative is the unique and solo effort of a young lady Manan ably supported by her husband, Surender Chaturvedi. Ms Manan gave up a career in Fashion Designing at a very young age and over the past 5-6 years has adopted abandoned children. The couple is currently bringing up approx. 80 youngsters in their own 2 bedroom flat + two similar recently purchased Flats. They rely on goodwill and assistance from locals and Surender being a journalist also pools in money. Manan paints and works as well to supplement. Ms Manan is almost a local heroine in her quest to give abandoned children a home. Convenient visit timings are between 1000 – 1730h although children stay in the complex permanently.
  • Visit Timings : Between 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. . Children are at school in the mornings

BMVSS or Bhagwan Mahavira Viklang Sahayta Samiti (Jaipur Foot Organisation)

  • This world famous organization operates out of Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. The Jaipur centre is at Malviya Nagar, about 5 minutes drive from Hotel Clarkes Amer. Clients can be taken for organized trips to its facilities and various options in individual or group sponsoring are available. Its website gives its depth and details. Visit timings are 1000 – 1630h on all working days.
  • Visit Timings : Between 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Target group – Roving patients requiring limbs


  • These are two different NGOs at Jaipur which are engaged in caring for abandoned HIV children. Both have two homes and about 50 children each and not just accommodation, they take care of the medical treatment, education, supplementary diet and possible mainstreaming of these children as well. Rays is run by Capt Gurinder Virk, 09829061618 and Faith is headed by Mrs Smriti 09829216875.
  • Visit Timings :Between 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Target group – HIV infected children at school or on medical round in mornings.







Agra CSR Opportunities

Shrimad Dayanand Orphanage

Environment and Location rating - 3 stars
Emotional rating - 3 stars
Catch phrase - Orphans
The Shrimad Dayanand Orphanage (SDO) is located across the Yamuna in old Agra side near the AItmad-ud-Daula monument, down the alley to the Yamuna bank Dhobi Ghat. Its vintage is 1930. It currently has about 40 boys and girls of all age groups. The children attend local schools. The elder ones are in college or assisting in caring and running the two separate hostels inside the compound. They move out after marriage. The Centre is certified by the ‘Woman and Child Welfare Department’ located at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It sustains on local philanthropy and is in dire need of funds for both day to day sustenance and the repair and renovations of the vintage buildings.

The Orphanage premises also have a Government Primary School running inside the same Complex and visitors can meet the children during school hours here.

Visit Timings : Between 3.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. preferred as all the children go to school.

The Orphanages – Old City

  • The orphanage for boys and girls is housed in the same complex but partitioned. All children attend regular school and since it is run by a Hindu Samaj organization, the children are naturally inclined towards spirituality and there is a very soothing and calm atmosphere prevalent in the girls’ orphanage especially.
  • Visit Timings : Between 09.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. although a 24 x 7 facility.

Colonel Brightlands School

  • This school is a semi private institution which imparts quality education at subsidized fees to the rural and less privileged children. Nice place to visit. Our groups have frequented this school and given suitable reviews
  • Visit Timings : Between 09.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Sheroes Hangout Café

This is a newly opened innovative Café. Its name derives from the all-girl team of acid attack victims who run this unique enterprise. The Café is a walk-in with multi-cuisine snacks and beverages. Besides being run by five Sheroes (She Heroes) it offers minimum bill for the F & B consumed and encourages customers to pay as per their wish. The café is an outstanding example of woman empowerment, which motivates girls from disturbed backgrounds to create their own space and acceptability in modern society. The Café is located on just opposite hotel Taj Gateway Agra at Fatehabad Road. The Café has a 60 seat cover and bookings if required can be done through our Agra office.

Visit Timings: Between 1100 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Best to check from local office in different seasons.


Old Lepers Colony

  • The Old Lepers’ Colony is a 50 x 70 sq metres enclosure about 300m short of the Taj Mahal entry. The new one is adjacent to it and has about 20 families. This old one is from British times and has about 18 inmates who live in a commune. It’s a good place to do value work or donate.
  • Visit Timings : Between 09.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. although a 24 x 7 facility.

GURIA Swayam Sevi Sansthan (Guria),

Guria is an NGO which started operations in the red light areas of Varanasi and Mau of Uttar Pradesh in 1991 against human trafficking and prostitution. Today it boasts of successful non-formal education centres for adolescent girls in the area, a boat school on the Ganges, sensitization programs for policemen and an active rural empowerment program to create sustainable opportunities rescued from prostitution. The volatile border between India and Nepal and its inherent poverty which is the root cause for human trafficking has also been one of the key focus areas of these NGOs. Clients can visit or volunteer as time permits. The boat school for girls is close to the main Ghat where the world famous ‘aarti’ takes place each day. More details are available on

For best visit time the contact person is Mr Ajeet – +91-9956939905. Guria office is located at S-8/395, Khajuri Colony, Varanasi – 221002, Uttar Pradesh, India. Alternate numbers are +91-5423504253, +91-9616334433.


Mumbai CSR Opportunities

Rahee Foundation: This is a NGO started by a tailor, Mr Rafique Ansari, in the slums of Malvani. It basically draws in youth aged 8 to 18, from the slum, and mentors them through sports and a little bit of educational guidance. The vision Rafique has is that the children in low income communities can become empowered social change makers through channelization into sports and outdoor team activities as a vehicle to drive the holistic, physical and emotional development. His success is apparent from the fact that besides a boys’ football team, he has an equally strong local girls’ soccer team. Coming from the orthodox and marginalized mainly Muslim background, this speaks volumes of his Foundation’s work. The Founder, an erstwhile tailor, is today a man of multiple experiences and prowess. The website is and the contact is 09773731709.

Visit Timings : Best to contact and pre-fix as the children go to school as well.

St Catherine’s Home: This is a residential home for girls from disturbed backgrounds. It is interlinked to St Catherine’s School and allows limited visits. Photography is strictly prohibited here. Donations are accepted. Their details are available on

NGO Akanksha: This NGO operates in Mumbai and Pune. It works with less privileged children in the field of education and health and hygiene. We as a Foundation have organized medical camps via their help. Clients can visit their Centres in groups of 15 – 20 comfortably. Monetary donations are preferred. Their details can be accessed on


Goa CSR Opportunities

St Joseph’s Convent High School, Nagoa, Verna (approx 500 students including 165 girl boarders(16 little boys too). Sister Claret Varela 0832-2888288, 09922229181
  • Volunteers, under own stay arrangements, for coaching, creativity, music, recreation and other all-round growth activity.
  • Sponsor the boarding, lodging, edn and misc for a child @ Rs 1500/- per month
  • Sponsor a meal @ 3000/- per meal
  • Donate food items or hold functions with the children
  • Donate black shoes for girls ( BATA or Liberty preferred)

St John’s Children’ Home
Located in North Goa, it is a small orphanage supported regularly by our Goa office for Xmas and other festivals. It can take in about 15 – 20 visitors. Contributions / donations can be decided once visit is confirmed. Hosting a special meal or high tea with some monetary aid is a good option for a 2 – 3 hour interaction.
Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan (MBBS has approx 40 male street children)
50m behind Siddeshwar Temple, Paliem, Uccasim, North Goa
Father Arvind Severes -09850257196, Father Willy Sequira – 09890140177
About 35 – 45 visitors can go at any one point although the visit inside will be confined to 08-10 at a time only.

  • Volunteers, under own stay arrangements, for coaching, creativity, music, recreation and other all-round growth activity.
  • Sponsor a child’s education, board and lodging and healthcare @ Rs 1500/- for a month
  • Sponsor a one-time meal for all children @ Rs 2000/-
  • Celebrate your child’s birthday or a function with the MBBS boys
  • Donate textbooks, stationery, football and football kits, carrom board or ping pong balls for children.
  • Donate black canvas BATA shoes only

They DO NOT wish to accept old clothes, computers or roller skates.

Sister Valentina’s Little Heaven (approx 85 male and female orphans)
19 Vanela’s Requino, Near Colva Church, Colva Central crossing, South Goa
Sister Valentina – 0832-2788433, Reachable on her driver’s mobile No is 09765856226.
The Home can take in about 10-12 visitors at a time as it runs from a single house.

  • You could donate money for the numerous expenses incurred on the upkeep of the premises or the children’ education and well-being.
  • She DOES NOT wish to accept food items, computers.
  • They DO NOT accept old clothes.

Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa).

It has challenged women inmates and orphaned/abandoned babies. The numbers of inmates fluctuate and need to be checked whenever one wishes to engage this NGO. It is located in :-
Asilo – Near Don Bosco
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Panjim, Goa
Sister Superior is available on telephone number 0832- 2225321

  • Sponsor meals
  • Donate clothes and miscellaneous items
  • Preferable to ask the Sister Superior the requirements about 3-4 weeks in advance so that donations are not superfluous or wasted.

Chennai CSR Opportunities

  • Chennai has ample opportunities. One of the key institutes is the Blind school which also has a separate section for the hearing and voice impaired. It is very spacious and well run and spending time with the children is a pure delight.

Bangalore CSR Opportunities

  • We have an association with the Don Bosco Charity at Chamrajpet in Bangalore. The Bosco network is spread across the South and does commendable work with marginilaised / orphaned children.

Cochin CSR Opportunities

  • As a part of the international Don Bosco network, Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan is a Registered Charitable Society based in the state of Kerala, primarily operating in the District of Ernakulam to help youth at risk*. It was founded in 1974 in co-operation with the City Municipal Corporation of Cochin to rehabilitate children and youths found on the street, and has continued to grow ever since. Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan offers a diverse range of services to vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people through five core rehabilitation centres as well as other community-based projects.
  • Contact : Fr Joe Fernandez, (ED)
    PALLURUTHY, KOCHI – 682 006.
    PH : (0484) 2231009,
    EMAIL :


Trivandrum CSR Opportunities

  • An Ashram built in the memory of Late Vinoba Bhave, who became a legend with his Bhoodan Yajna (Land Gift Movement). Parivrajika Rajamma was a close associate of Vinobaji, who walked with him throughout India. She is known as Vinobaji's Spiritual Daughter.
  • Vinobaniketan is located on the foothills of Western Ghats. From here one can watch the Tourist Resort Ponmdi on one side, Mount Elephant Rock and the whole of Sahyadri Mountains. It is in Thiruvananthapuram District the capital of the Southern Province of Kerala. It is about 40 Kms away from Trivandrum International Airport and 35 Kms away from Trivandrum Central Railway Station. This place is accessible by an asphalted road. Exact location is in Nedumangad Taluk, Tholikkode Panchayath, on the way to Ponmudi. One has to take a deviation at Iruthalamoola towards the road to Aryanadu.
  • Set in a serene atmosphere. Vinobaniketan is visited by almost all National Leaders and Spiritual Masters. It also has the Vinoba Vishwa Vidyapeeth. This Ashram runs a Hostel for Tribal Girls, which has over 150 inmates studying in various classes from 1st to 10th standard. There are innumerable other activities including Kanyagurukulam, Khadi Gram, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, Model Agriculture and Dairy Farm, Environmental Programme, Self-Employment Programme, etc.
  • There is dearth of adequate financial resources. Those charitable individuals, trusts and those with an attitude towards helping such projects, may liberally donate to this unique institution.
  • The contact address as follows: VINOBANIKETAN, Vinobaniketan P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695542, Kerala State, India. Tel: +91-472-2892263, E-mail:
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